The March

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The story of the human race proves time and time again that humans do to themselves what they do to others. For that, injustice is self-destructive, and the unjust are indeed unjust to themselves before being as such to others.

The March For Justice is an all-inclusive human and civil rights movement that aims to improve upon human life by furthering the causes of justice. The March stands for what we all stand for or aspire to. Read more

Bush State of the “Onion”

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January 29, 2002

Dear Mr. President,

As you rehearse your speech to a joint session of our current leaders, I will be addressing joint sessions of our future leaders at schools across our Great American land. As your speechwriters are hammering out what they think we need to hear, I will be professing to our youngsters what our country is all about.

I will be teaching them what it is that makes us proud to be Americans. Read more

Let Us Not Mess With Islam

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January 19, 2002

Dear Mr. President,

Praise the Lord for your safety after ailment over the weekend.  I did not have the chance to watch football over the weekend, for I have been busy watching the news of Israeli demolition of Palestinian homes and its continued genocide against indigenous Palestinians. I also watched the induction of our newly recruited Saddam “Musharraf” to the “Muslim Leaders Hall of Shame.” Read more