Massacre at Tahrir

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By Nicholas Kristof, New York Times, February 2, 2011

Pro-government thugs at Tahrir Square used clubs, machetes, swords and straight razors on Wednesday to try to crush Egypt’s democracy movement, but, for me, the most memorable moment of a sickening day was one of inspiration: watching two women stand up to a mob.

I was on Tahrir Square, watching armed young men pour in to scream in support of President Hosni Mubarak and to battle the pro-democracy protesters. Everybody, me included, tried to give them a wide berth, and the bodies of the injured being carried away added to the tension. Then along came two middle-age sisters, Amal and Minna, walking toward the square to join the pro-democracy movement. They had their heads covered in the conservative Muslim style, and they looked timid and frail as thugs surrounded them, jostled them, shouted at them. Read more

Bush State of the “Onion”

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January 29, 2002

Dear Mr. President,

As you rehearse your speech to a joint session of our current leaders, I will be addressing joint sessions of our future leaders at schools across our Great American land. As your speechwriters are hammering out what they think we need to hear, I will be professing to our youngsters what our country is all about.

I will be teaching them what it is that makes us proud to be Americans. Read more