Let Us Not Mess With Islam

January 19, 2002 by
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January 19, 2002

Dear Mr. President,

Praise the Lord for your safety after ailment over the weekend.  I did not have the chance to watch football over the weekend, for I have been busy watching the news of Israeli demolition of Palestinian homes and its continued genocide against indigenous Palestinians. I also watched the induction of our newly recruited Saddam “Musharraf” to the “Muslim Leaders Hall of Shame.”

Dear Mr. President,

It is evident that you are ill-advised. I do not question your intentions, for the Lord is the only one who knows what is in our hearts, but at the end of the day we all seek nothing but to serve our great nation.

Islam is not a threat, never has been, and never will be except to injustice. Justice is what we seek and for that Islam is indeed our strongest ally. I am not talking about Islam that we are told or made to think, rather Islam as the only authentically preserved doctrine from our only creator. For that and for that only, Islam is no force to mess or tamper with. Islam is indeed the protector of all of us, Jews, Christians, Muslims, and whatever faith we subscribe to.

I wholeheartedly invite you to look into such a force that changed and continues to change the face of history, without the need of a pastor or middleman.

Even if we insist on targeting Islam as an enemy, it is only wise to learn about the enemy. After all, our enemy might just be our best friend and we did not know.

You have been advised and you have been advised wrong. We all strive for a world of peace and prosperity.

The version of Islam that we are trying to redefine and promote is precisely the ideology that will haunt us and bring us to our knees. Islam is peace as long as we do not tamper with it. Once we do it just turns into the last thing that we need to deal with.

1500-years lesson is just long enough for us to learn.

How can we all benefit from Islam is the real question for which the answer is clearer than what seems to be.

Even if your advisor was a Muslim born, he just simply does not know. There can be no peace without justice, no matter how much we think we can enforce it.

I will always pray for your well-being, and again may the Lord watch over our country.

Truly Yours,
Nidal Sakr
Miami, Florida



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