About The March

Years after the pen was created, and many more years before scriptures were written, a new creation came to existence: a man named “Adam.” Soon after, a mate was created from him, a woman named “Eve.” And from “Adam” and “Eve” together a new race was born called “Human.”

The children of “Adam and Eve” descended into different colors, settled in different lands, communicated in different ways and means, and after scriptures were revealed, humans chose different creeds. They formed tribes and nations, spoke different languages, ate different foods, subscribed to different faiths, fought for what is rightfully theirs and fought to take what is rightfully others. In the process they killed each other. They stole each others’ children, property, and land. They murdered in the name of all they could think of and they could not think of. Right was termed wrong and wrong was called things it was not.

In the end, all that man did to himself and to his fellow humans did not change one thing. Both the oppressor and the oppressed came from the same father called “Adam” and were born to the same mother named “Eve.” When “Adam and Eve” came into existence they both had the right to life, the right to freedom, and the right to choose, and so they did.

All of us who descended from the same mother and the same father so do have the rights to what our parents did. When one takes what is rightfully others, injustice is done to all. While the deprived suffers the loss of what was unjustly taken, the unjust is bound to suffer from the bad fruits of his transgression.

The story of the human race proves time and time again that humans do to themselves what they do to others. For that, injustice is self-destructive, and the unjust are indeed unjust to themselves before being as such to others.

The March For Justice is an all-inclusive human and civil rights movement that aims to improve upon human life by furthering the causes of justice. The March stands for what we all stand for or aspire to.

Its operating principles are very simple: “If we all do what we are supposed to do, we won’t be where we are today. When we do not live up to our individual responsibilities we all stand to suffer.”

For all it does, indeed The March For Justice is yours and mine. And even when one finds nowhere to turn, The March remains Where We All Count.