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So Putin did it, and will still do more.

Putin meddling in the 2016 US elections inaugurating Donald Trump in the White House did pay off much more than he could ever dream of.

US global standing inept, NATO is dysfunctional, American Public is divided like never before, much of what used to be US domain in world geopolitics is up for grab, and China is about to follow Putin invading Taiwan. 

Well, the answer is not that easy because things are not really quite what they seem to be.

It was Clinton who tricked Ukraine into relinquishing it’s Third Nuclear Power status for never-to-make-good-on security guarantees, that paved the way for somebody like Putin to come and take it.

Trump very much came in and wiped out all what Obama did to contain Russia and China, and yes the TPPP which is the US biggest strategic gain, only for some totally ignorant in economics, politics, strategy, and geopolitics to scrap it, without having the slightest clue what it meant and what it is for.

However, Obama was no genius in other matters such as his sabotage of Arab Spring and his failed coup in Turkey, all of which are contributing to the mess we have today.

Turkey is the only democracy in the Middle East today, but more importantly the second largest military in NATO, one of the world’s fastest emerging regional and strategic powers, one of the world’s fastest and leading cutting edge military industries, next door neighbor to Russia, and has proven clean cut decisive superiority over Russian top military technology in Syria, Libya, Armenia, and others. Not to mention the brewing wars and proxy wars between the two powers in the Balkans.

There are 2 million Muslims in Ukraine. More than 400,000 Muslims serve in Russian military. Majority of Russian oil and gas are in Russian occupied Muslim territories. And much of those Muslims are either Turkmen or have religious, ethnic, and historical allegiance to Turkey. Naturally, the more than 20 million Uighurs in China are Turkmen too. Not to mention, many top US and world manufacturers, making up for good chunk of Chinese exports, are eyeing Turkey as alternative host instead of China.

I am here only to state the obvious, not to elaborate on it. Very much the US has to fix its screw ups with Turkey over the last two decades. Sit down and listen just like a good student. There is not much the US can do at this point, except sanctions against Russia etc, which will not stop Russian aggression.

US can only beat Russian ambitions of reviving Soviet Union by very much going back to Ronald Regan era.

It was Muslims who dismantled the Soviet Union in Afghanistan, and it is Muslims who can bring Putin’s dreams to an end. No two ways about it.

How on earth does it ever make sense for Biden to steal $7 billion dollars of Afghani assets in US banks, when the US needs every help it can get to stand up for both Russia and China, both of which border Afghanistan??!!

Once again, Americans just don’t seem to know what the hell they’re doing!!!

One look at the above map tells very clearly how you can hit all birds with one stone. Naturally the brains in US politics are not fit for thinking, and it does take insights in history, cultures, and geopolitics American decision makers just do not have. It’s not because Americans can not think, but because the US has given up its own sovereignty and national and security interest to some foreign lobbies and leaves it’s agents roaming free in the White House, Capitol Hill, and Social Media.

This is merely an outlook on today’s reality in perspective, and on what is wrong and how to fix it while there is still a chance.

Should outcome of US next midterm elections and the upcoming 2024 be more like 2016, you may very well not only kiss Ukraine good-bye, but save another kiss for what was once called the USA as well.  

COME and GO….

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This is my gift to the world….
If it’s all my contribution to humanity, I can leave with a smile.
Let that be my eulogy…and hopefully many others’.
– Nidal Sakr

“Excerpts from Nidal’s upcoming book: ”HEAL: A Journey into Wellness, Wellbeing, and Happiness”

If you want to be a billionaire act like one…

If you want to be a lover…act like one.

Wanting something, and acting different is called social media…also known as…online dating. 

People come and go, and the only company that will always be around….is yourself. 

Make sure you are stuck with a company you love to be around. 

A company that is compassionate…loving…kind…honest…sincere…generous…supportive…understanding…forgiving…humble, and has aaaall the qualities and love in a person. 

People may betray you when you trust them the most. 

People may let you down…when you are always there for them. 

People may be ungrateful…at a time they should be most appreciative. 

People may project their flows on you, no matter how good you are to them. 

People may misunderstand how good you are, just because they are not as good…or do not expect you to be better than who they are…or who hurt them in the past.

People may even pretend to be everything you ever dreamed of…only to turn your worst nightmare. 

Let people be who they are, and always be, aaaaall the time always be who you are…and never something they made you to be.

Do not worry about people and who they are, for people go…just as they come. 

Do not wait a thank you…for doing what’s right. 

Let yourself be your own reward for who you are. For there is nothing worse…. absolutely nothing could ever be worse…than losing you…and them being stuck with the company…of who they are…..

Oh son of Adam…live as long as you wish…for one day you will die.

Love whoever you wish…for one day you will depart from them.

And do whatever you wish…for one day you will reap what you sow. 

That is LIFE…a journey to whatever destination you choose. 

Your actions…and how you live your what takes you there.

As for those who choose to go…be grateful for the time you had them..and…for the time..they no longer have you…

Not good have.. something..GOOD…like…YOU

* Nidal Sakr a World renowned Age-Reversal Guru: