Extremism and How to Deal With It

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By Nidal Sakr

June 4, 2009 – It is no secret that I love Arabic, perhaps just as much as I despise Arabism. Arabic is the expression of the Quran – the Great Book of Civilization, while Arabism is a reminder to some longest lasting and senseless wars that predated Islam. Today Arab kingdoms, republics, and emirates are none but exaggeration in Arabism, and have no relevance to Arabic except for a name assigned to the country by its ruler.

Some of what I like about Arabic is its precision to differentiate meanings between lingual and referential. Linguistically, “Extremism” is an exaggeration in that which people agree as ordinary. Referentially, extremism is excess in understanding and interpretation of that which is acceptable by people, to that which is unacceptable by people. Read more