Evidence Links D.C. Sniper to Oval Office

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By Nidal Sakr

(Miami, FL, October 16, 2002 – five days BEFORE the “DC Sniper” was captured) – In November 1990, a group of activists stood at the Malcolm X Plaza in San Francisco State University warning George Bush Sr. of planting “a homegrown culture of terrorism.” The group shouted that disregarding human life, be it Iraqi, Palestinian, Panamanian, Bosnian or any other, would only create a breed of blood thirsty killers who regard human life of “Americans” just as worthless.

Soon enough cultism, rebellion, and mental disorders became part of “American” daily realities. Disregard for human life infested the “American” psyche of every generation – from babies to baby boomers. Three-year-old “American” babies committed homicide, stabbing their siblings to death. “American” school children gunned down their classmates and teachers. “American” cult leaders led their family of followers to death and destruction. A decorated “American” Gulf War veteran toppled a Federal building on top of 35 “American” children in day care and a countless number of adults. Read more