Did You Say What I Thought You Did?

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January 30, 2002

Dear Mr. President,

I watched along with my fellow Americans your state of the union address, and I am just not sure of what I heard you saying.

Did you say that it was Muslims who had pictures and maps of our nuclear plants and vital sites? Are you sure you were not talking about the 6 Israeli Mossad agents arrested in the Midwest on October 27, 2001, or the 140 arrested for espionage against America? Or the 600 Israeli spies that we detained after September 11? Or the Israeli Mossad agents who were on the scene of the attacks against our embassies in Nairobi and Dar Salaam long before our personnel got there?

Did you refer to Hamas, Islamic Jihad, and Hizbullah as terrorists? Do you know that in spite of all our sickening support to the terrorist Israel, refraining from attacking American targets and civilians remains at the highlight of the struggle and a firm policy of these very organizations?

Are you sure you did not mean Israel when you were talking about the terrorist who never ceases plotting against our country and citizens?

Is this finally the truth of our definition to terrorism as the ones who actually fight freedom and life with dignity, and to our friends and allies as the ones who never cease terrorism? Are you telling us that we suffer from “abused-nation syndrome,” where we just cannot have enough of our Israeli abusers?

Did I hear you supporting faith-based charities? Aren’t all the ones we seized during the Holy month of Ramadan just that? I hope you are not talking about Christian-based missionaries to poison Muslim minds and lands.

Your State of the Union Address reminded all of us of the importance of education
– education that is based on factual knowledge, not education of distortion.

Now more than ever, I plea to the Almighty with most fearful heart: “May God watch over our beloved country and our people.”

Truly Yours,
Nidal Sakr
Miami, Florida


Let Us Not Mess With Islam

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January 19, 2002

Dear Mr. President,

Praise the Lord for your safety after ailment over the weekend.  I did not have the chance to watch football over the weekend, for I have been busy watching the news of Israeli demolition of Palestinian homes and its continued genocide against indigenous Palestinians. I also watched the induction of our newly recruited Saddam “Musharraf” to the “Muslim Leaders Hall of Shame.” Read more

Terrorism in the “War on Terrorism”

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September 25, 2001

Dear Mr. President,

We, Americans, have been witnessing the horrendous genocide of the alien Israeli occupation against indigenous Muslim and Christian Palestinians while our government continues to look the other way. We have also been watching our relentless pursuit to kill endless scores of Afghani children, women, elderly, and innocent civilians. Read more