The Drunken Truth

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The Drunken Truth
By Nidal Sakr*
Once upon a time, a man sat helpless, watching the news, reading papers, tuning his car radio to what was going on in his world. As millions of others, he witnessed carnage where scores of families, children and women, were blasted in both darkness of the night and light of the day. The massacre was perpetrated by none other than the brand-name of savagery for the last seventy-some years, so-called “Israel.”

The images of what brutality does to children and women could not escape his mind. The fact that the savagery he could not comprehend was sponsored and effectively carried out by the very country in which he lives and to which he pays millions of his hard earned dollars weighed heavily on his conscience. As reality continued to mount on his shoulders, he saw no other way but to escape. He did what most others in his culture, from presidents and rich to homeless and poor, would do. He allegedly drank to drunkenness.

In a moment of truth, he allegedly spoke his troubled conscience. He uttered words that expressed what every human already knows and deep-down believes: “Israel is behind all wars.” He might have mistaken Jews for Israel, but as so-called “Israel” claims to represent all Jews, one can understand the confusion.

As his country is dominated by a blatant political ideology that sees no room for conscience or humanity, the poor man became his country’s dart board for speaking out.

To the few “pro-Israelis” out there, Mel Gibson is a demon racist who chose, in his drunkenness, to “spill the beans” on their idol.

To the rest of us humans, he is none but one who spoke the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth,

………..So help him, God.

*A “Non-apologetic Semite”

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