Terrorism in the “War on Terrorism”

September 25, 2001 by
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September 25, 2001

Dear Mr. President,

We, Americans, have been witnessing the horrendous genocide of the alien Israeli occupation against indigenous Muslim and Christian Palestinians while our government continues to look the other way. We have also been watching our relentless pursuit to kill endless scores of Afghani children, women, elderly, and innocent civilians.

Watching all of these killings in our name and with our tax dollars, we all cannot help but to wonder what values do we still stand for that make us proud to be Americans.

We intimidated the whole world including our own Muslim population into submission just because, for the time being, we still hold unchallenged military might. We discarded all doctrines and laws only to wage a war against enemies that we ourselves needlessly created and against whom we could not present one single piece of evidence that would hold in any arbitrary forum let alone court or even to share with our own public.

When we watch the news we only see a relentless competition in scores of Muslims killed, the score by our own forces versus the score by our competition, the Israeli occupation. We thought that this is a war against terrorism, but what we all see tells us that this is just another war against our own interest and Muslims and only for the sake of our terrorist ally, Israel.

Mr. President,

In your speech on September 20, you told us that this is a war between good and evil, and “God is not neutral between them,” but you never told us that we, ourselves, are God.

When I read history, modern and old, I break out in sweat, terrified of what is to come. I cannot help but to think of how many millions of enemies outside our borders and Timothy Mcveighs among us that we are actively recruiting. What is even scarier is that in all likelihood our own recruits of current enemies will look virtually moderate compared to our own recruits of future enemies.

Wars, Mr. President, are only a children’s game. To others, it is decades and maybe centuries of unsettled accounts, where my children, your children, and children of the world are lined up in front of slaughter houses of further wars. After all, is Israel all that worth it for us to pay such a price for generations to come?

In conclusion, allow me, Mr. President, to share in your prayers: “In all that lies before us, may God grant us wisdom, and may He watch over the United States of America.”


Nidal Sakr
Miami, Florida



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