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As a Concerned World Citizen Against Racism, Bigotry, Ignorance, Hate, Defiance of the Rule of Law and Democratic Tenants, Threats to World Stability & Peace, Complete Disregard to The Environment and The Rights of Future Generations to Healthy, Peaceful, and Safe World, as Demonstrated By So Called US President aka Donald J Trump

Massacre at Tahrir

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By Nicholas Kristof, New York Times, February 2, 2011

Pro-government thugs at Tahrir Square used clubs, machetes, swords and straight razors on Wednesday to try to crush Egypt’s democracy movement, but, for me, the most memorable moment of a sickening day was one of inspiration: watching two women stand up to a mob.

I was on Tahrir Square, watching armed young men pour in to scream in support of President Hosni Mubarak and to battle the pro-democracy protesters. Everybody, me included, tried to give them a wide berth, and the bodies of the injured being carried away added to the tension. Then along came two middle-age sisters, Amal and Minna, walking toward the square to join the pro-democracy movement. They had their heads covered in the conservative Muslim style, and they looked timid and frail as thugs surrounded them, jostled them, shouted at them. Read more