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Gulf War Continues to Strike at American Heartland

By Nidal Sakr

ARIZONA LINK:  On the morning of October 28, 2002, Robert Stewart Flores burst into offices and classrooms at the University of Arizona, gunning down three of his instructors before taking his own life. Analysts speculated that Mr. Flores was “flunking out” in his studies at the university. The fact that a shooting, which took a total of four lives, was carried out by a student seeking a career in saving lives makes the whole incident even more profoundly indicative. However, blaming the shooting on “flunking out” in a country with an inherently “Flunking Out” educational system, is just another case of burying our heads in the sand. Students “flunk out” all the time. Presidents, governors, senators, congressman, and “all-Americans” flunk out everywhere and every day, but you do not see every person who is flunking out shooting people down. The part of the Arizona story that seems not to have gotten media attention was the following: “Flores was a Gulf War veteran and licensed practical nurse who worked at the Southern Arizona Veterans Administration Health Care System.” (CBS News, October 29, 2002) See:
(Warning: Links may be missing as are the “links” in our “flunking-out” case for war.)
One analysis just may explain how “flunking out” leads to murder – “flunking out” in leadership. The diagnosis of our failure is clearly manifested in presidents who “flunk out” in life and cover up their failures with more lethal means of mass murder such as carpet bombings, sanctions, and starving infants, babies and entire populations to quell resistance against occupation with the excuse of “drying up terrorist funds,” to name a few. “Flunking out” in America, however, is by no means limited to failing presidents. Such failure is also shared by “flunking-out” senators and congressmen, some of whom ran on presidential tickets and continue to draft measures to ensure further national “flunk-outs.” In the time since this article was first drafted, one particular “flunking-out” senator who continuously mistakes the senate for a foreign “country’s” Knesset as often as he mistakes “peace” for “war,” has began his bid to become America’s next “Flunking-Out” president. THE D.C. CONNECTION
On October 16, 2002, our top law enforcement and intelligence experts were attempting to piece together leads to capture an alleged serial killer on the loose known as the “D.C. Sniper” by chasing white vans with “profiled” white “snipers.” A widely publicized article was published the same day under the title: “Evidence Links DC Sniper to Oval Office,” which drew mixed reactions nation-wide. The article stated: “Look no further than a discharged serviceman who grew into our `homegrown culture’ of terrorism to find the killer.”
The fact that we, as a nation, lost more than 14 people in less than a month to our “Gulf-War Warriors” between D.C. and Arizona should in no way minimize the extent of our losses attributed to a war that started 12 years ago, a war which continues, a war which the world has yet to recover from. In no way should our losses make us forget the 200,000 veterans of the same war who still suffer from untreated war-related “syndromes.” Nor should we forget the 8,000 veterans who suffer from “mysterious” symptoms that are similar to those observed in Iraqi children who were either born in or lived in areas where our “Flunking-Out” forces used depleted uranium against civilians. Every month, mass murders are reported throughout the US. It was not so long ago that news of two people getting murdered anywhere in the US captured national attention. Today, a gruesome murder of five or six often goes unnoticed. Murder has become a national epidemic that affects every culture, race, gender, and locality of our society. Human life is no longer sacred. We think twice before harming a dog, while we just do not seem to consider killing another human being as an act that requires any contemplation or reflection. Our “American” culture has transformed into a murderous culture that is no different from those of humanity’s darkest chapters. Nations are led by leaders regardless to whether or not such leaders are democratically or un-democratically elected. To some leaders, democracy means being elected by 99.9% percent of the vote with the “elected” leader as the only candidate. To others, democracy is to have some “pop’s” appointees in some high court mistake the Oval Office for Office Depot and appoint the “son.” In a landmark statement of his presidency, the “son” declared, “I am just sick and tired of not having a war.” A few days later, Americans joined the rest of their fellow human family worldwide. They endured freezing D.C. cold, San Francisco fog, and a homegrown spying system of the new “police-state America,” speaking in different tones, carrying different signs, and shouting different slogans. Once again, the “Flunking-Out” president took the first flight out into retreat as he saw the waves of the human sea pounding at his doorsteps. The “courageous son” sneaked back from his hideaway after the people dispersed. To his surprise, the walls of “his” oval office once empty when he “withdrew,” and once again empty when he returned, were still echoing the people’s chant: “WE ARE JUST SICK AND TIRED OF FLUNKING OUT”To be continued…….


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