Evidence Links D.C. Sniper to Oval Office

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By Nidal Sakr

(Miami, FL, October 16, 2002 – five days BEFORE the “DC Sniper” was captured) – In November 1990, a group of activists stood at the Malcolm X Plaza in San Francisco State University warning George Bush Sr. of planting “a homegrown culture of terrorism.” The group shouted that disregarding human life, be it Iraqi, Palestinian, Panamanian, Bosnian or any other, would only create a breed of blood thirsty killers who regard human life of “Americans” just as worthless.

Soon enough cultism, rebellion, and mental disorders became part of “American” daily realities. Disregard for human life infested the “American” psyche of every generation – from babies to baby boomers. Three-year-old “American” babies committed homicide, stabbing their siblings to death. “American” school children gunned down their classmates and teachers. “American” cult leaders led their family of followers to death and destruction. A decorated “American” Gulf War veteran toppled a Federal building on top of 35 “American” children in day care and a countless number of adults.

When asked about the 35 innocent children killed in the blast, Timothy McVeigh slapped Bush Sr., Powell, Cheney, and other warmongers in the face with their own cruel words of “Collateral Damage” used to categorize victims of their ruthless wars.

For a man with a heart or brain, McVeigh’s characterization should have been a rude awakening, but apparently you just cannot “awaken” the “dead.”

The most dangerous bi-product of our “homegrown” culture is the disregard for our own principles, norms, laws, and constitution. In 2000, it became totally realistic to “install” leadership upon the country – a leadership that was not elected by the people of the country.

Our “un-elected” leadership feels no shame, as we were attacked by our own wrongdoing to claim that “Democracy” was attacked. The same leadership, when commenting on the latest blast in Bali was “outraged” by our model of “disregard of human life” we taught the perpetrators. As he was uttering his outrage, the “un-elected” leader was welcoming a man he decorated as a “Man of Peace” – a “Peace” of genocide and ethnic cleansing spanning over 50 years, which entitles him to the status of the “World’s Longest-Standing War Criminal.”

In the months after the “un-elected” leader’s first military adventure, a new syndrome arrived upon our shores. While we had yet to find a name for it, death and murder awaited five loving wives at the hands of their very awaited husbands returning home from duty in the “un-elected” leader’s military “adventure.”

Then comes the “DC sniper,” a man with the same breed of skilled military training and the urge to kill indiscriminately. Again, our law enforcement is missing its target in trying to pinpoint the killer. Look no further than a discharged serviceman who grew into our “homegrown culture” of “terrorism” to find the killer.

Coming at a time when war drums beat deafeningly in Washington, the “DC sniper” is none but an “early warning” system of what is to come. But again, you just cannot preach to the “deaf.”

George Bush and his ranks of mercenaries can go kill all they desire, destroy all they wish, mame all they want. But for every crime they commit, a “homegrown terrorist” will pop up in their own backyard to have them drink from the same cup. Again, the chances are that it will not matter to the “un-elected” leadership, as the lives lost will not be those of Bushes, Cheneys, or Rumsfelds.

While we, the people, continue to pay the price for the “un-elected” leadership’s ill doing, a light looms upon us to dissipate the vampire “homegrown culture” that can only breed in the dark.

In few years time, “America” will awaken. Not because of rude awakenings “America” has grown desensitized to, but because it is just impossible not to awaken when everything around you is bright as a searchlight.

To you, George Walker Bush, this should only serve as the evidence to prove your full knowledge, full intent, and willful premeditation of committing what you are about to.

“America” grew to underestimate the will of its own people in 2000. But do not count on it again, as another “American” homegrown culture is about to bear fruits – that is to “Judge Ourselves Before We Are Judged.”

A thought: Could it be that the “Baghdad Sniper” too is one of our own? In Bush’s world of twisted realities, time will surely tell.

*This article was first published on October 16, 2002 (prior to the apprehension of the “DC Sniper) and is concluded by the author’s update

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