How Many More 9/11s Are You Inviting Before You Quit?

September 19, 2002 by
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September 19, 2002

Dear George,

As you well know, I am one of many of those who are not buying into your story of 9/11. As I was blessed with parents who always put me to sleep with bedtime stories of their telling, your story quite frankly is just a “no story.”

If I am to join the army of blind following “Samaritans” you have been calling for and buy into your story, we can only draw one and only one conclusion: “The Bush Sr. administration is the primary and only responsible for our tragedy of September 11”.

According to “our” official story, it is Bin Laden and Al Qaeda who are responsible for the terrorist attack. When George Bush Sr. took office, the newly alleged suspects were our allies as they carried out the task that we could not perform with all our might, the dismantlement of the Soviet Union. It was our occupation of Arab lands in the Gulf, and our continued support for Israeli terrorism against Palestinians and the world community from all religions that, according to you, sparked the terrorist attack on our soil.

People have every right to resist occupation and will resist occupation by all means. What you say or I are irrelevant, as we cannot just duplicate our experience against Native Americans when we established our new colony and expect to get away with it, again.

History is made and is written in the Middle East, where we stand with absolutely no history whatsoever next to their longest standing traditions. You can go bomb, mimic, destroy, and occupy all you want, but you must stand to assume full responsibility for all of your actions. Just because we now have generations of politicians that got accustomed to have all of us pay for their mischief should not give you or them any sense of false security as the one nature of time is that it is always changing. I sure do not need to stand on top of a mountain or march down the streets of Alabama to tell you that “I SAW A REALITY” where people in power are held responsible for all they do in the name of their people.

Dear George,

I do have to commend you on your sense of humor as you threatened the UN of risking becoming “irrelevant” if it does not support your continuing war agenda. You may not know much about history, but just in case, the founding charter of the UN has always had “Irrelevant” in its center page and covers both back and front. Your friend “man of peace” could have told you that only if you asked, but again he got you used to only listening and doing without asking.

Iraqi oil is NOT your oil, foreign territory is NOT our territory, non-American human life is NOT worthless, and Palestine is just NOT the Israelis’ to keep.
I DO NOT SUPPORT your war agenda of terror, but when the names of our front line troops end with Bush, Cheney, and Rumsfeld, I may give it another thought.
But again, that is only another “MAYBE.”

Nidal Sakr
Miami, Florida


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