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April 7, 2002 by
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April 7, 2002

Dear George Bush,

Days ago you came upon us preaching what has become of a culture when a 17-years-old & “bright-futured”-soon to be wed Palestinian woman named “Ayaat” detonated herself in the Holy Land, which resulted in the death of another 17-years-old Jewish woman who is just as beloved to her family named “Rachel.”

You expressed to us how outraged and shocked you were, and how tragic such a loss of life is BUT you forgot one thing that is no less tragic and no less shocking:

That is that you either forgot or forgot to tell us that you are the one person in this entire world who is first and foremost RESPONSIBLE for the death of both of these precious girls. That is precisely why I did not vote for you, and for that reason I called upon the public including the Arab/Muslim community Not to vote for you – An advice that if taken, you would not be in a situation where you are now – the first and foremost responsible.

I am making you aware of your direct personal responsibility of such deaths, and the many more to proceed and the even more to follow and yet to come, not because I necessarily think you are an evil person. That is something that you will be solely judged for by the same creator who created you and created Ayaat, Rachel, and all the precious dead in the past, to follow, and yet to come.

The day you announced your nomination, I asked why would you, in particular, and any other candidate, do that to himself. You in particular because I saw more than ten years ago what you were coming to do. It was ugly enough to me then, and today it is more horrific to all of us and for the entire world to see.

When all the shoes you wear are only yours and when the only ones you ever have on your feet are the ones that fit you, you walk ALONE. You talk ALONE. You think ALONE. You die ALONE. And yes, son of Adam, you indeed Die ALONE.

And at the end of the day, you stand to pay for every little deed you commit or you are responsible for – for an absolute eternity that you will have to endure ALONE.

When you get a message like this, and your staff “diss” it in the nearest trash can, where you may have never had the chance to read and recount the body bags of the victims of your deeds. On the trial that precedes your fate, we both come in front of the judge and the jury all of whom are Allah ALONE. In the suspect’s cage standing you ALONE, and on the witness stand I stand testifying about what I have been trying to tell you, and every single soul, Afghani, Palestinian, Israeli, American, Kashmiri, Pilipino, Chechnyan and all from the countless victims, each testifying to the Lord to your guilt, and each is testifying ALONE.

You will, then, have no chance to call upon your staff to look in the trash for the messages and the signs you neglected, since each will be standing rallying only for themselves in front of the same Judge, judging them ALONE, when each is standing in front of the only supreme and each is standing and standing ALONE.

I do not want to be your worst enemy, as I only wish to be your best friend to save your skin on that one day, but I just cannot help you unless you help yourself.

Instead of listening to George, Richard, Donald, Andrew, Tom, and the likes, all of whom lead you to a fate no one wants to have, when they will face it and face it just like you will. Each will face it ALONE.  I whole-heartedly stand today offering you a rope of hope, when nothing else matters, so we may all save the life of the next “Ayaat” and the soon-to-come “Rachel.” The only rope which if you do not jump to grab at this very moment, a day will come when all that is on your mind may very well be that very rope that you wish you never had the chance to grab. As it is the rope because of which the only answer you may have: “I just did not know any better,” might just not be good enough.

As you are watching CNN, I watch you standing in that court, and I just do not wish to see what I am seeing.

My heart, George, never seizes to ache for Ayaat and to her “story mate” Rachel as both are as dear to me as my sister, my daughter, my fellow humans to all of whom I wish nothing but the best of what I could ever have and could never have.

Do not listen to this poor “know-nothing” guy named Nidal, and keep listening to CNN, NBC, ABC, CBS, Fox, and the Discovery Channel. They too, in case you do not know, each will be standing in a similar cage like yours and each will be facing a destiny as dreadful and each will be just like you, George, standing ALONE.

It is when Rachel’s father, brother, sister, neighbor, and fiancé all go on a killing spree, and in the process Ayaat’s father, mother, brother, sister, neighbor, fiancé, and yet-to-conceive child; her future, the past, present, and future of a nation that she called her own. When they are all killed by the Rachels shooting the Red, White, and Blue, is the moment you should shake in horror: “Look What I have Just Done,” instead of just preaching.


Nidal Sakr,
Miami, Florida



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