What on Earth is Going On?

February 20, 2002 by
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February 20, 2002

Dear Mr. President,

I am just tired of waking up to nothing but horrible news.

As both you and I were enjoying comfortable sleep in our warm beds close to our beloved families, our US-made Apaches and F-16s were destroying hospitals, schools and orphanages in the Land Holy to all of us killing 16.

Since we provided the new $180,000,000 emergency funding to Israeli terrorism, Israeli genocide has considerably escalated.

As an American, I am no more interested in politics for obviously there are no politicians who have an idea of what they are doing, even when they think they do. I am concerned about what is happening to our country.

It is our arms that are killing the innocent. It is our tax dollars that are funding terrorism. And it is our leaders who are trashing our very laws and our very constitution.

Every US-made bullet that is being fired in Palestine is nothing but a nail in the coffin of our American Justice. Every missile fired from an “Israeli” Apache is a blow to the values upon which our America is founded. And every raid by a “terrorist” F-16 is a kiss of death to any future for your kids and mine to live in peace.

In reality, it does not matter what you think or I, nor does it count what you want or I. Occupation of the land of the faithful just will not withstand. But for now I, along with fellow Americans, just do not want our country to take part in the crime.

After all wasn’t it our beloved Jesus who said “Though Shall Not Steal”?

Nidal Sakr
Miami, Florida




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